With a small business focus on building next-generation customer experiences, Peachy aims to establish San Diego as a city
“where it’s great to be a customer!”
– Kelly Davison

Why Be a Peachy Business Member?

Because together we evolve faster and become better.

Next generation small business are going to work smarter, collaborate more, and build epic customer relationships. It’s clear now small businesses can’t return to business as usual. Customer experiences are the secret weapon of next generation small businesses.

A Peachy Business Membership is statement that customer service is a top priority.

Peachy is a small business network designed expressly to help:

    • Evolve your business with a new perspective on the customer experience.
    • Strengthen the small business community.
    • Become a city synonymous with customer service excellence.

Peachy + San Diego Design Week

Become a part of the celebration of San Diego as a design-forward city. Peachy has been appointed as the San Diego Design Week ambassador to San Diego small businesses, those of us who make up the heart and soul of our neighborhood and our city.

Kelly has a talent of seeing the key pieces and pulling them together beautifully.

“Kelly did a workshop for my business to help us with the customer experience. I hand selected a team to attend the workshop so that we had the perspective of clients, employees, owners and marketing.  She laid out a process for us to brainstorm and then kept us on track.  It’s easy to go off on tangents with that many people brainstorming together, but Kelly has a talent of seeing the key pieces and pulling them together beautifully.  She helped us focus in on what we wanted the customer experience to be and then come up with ideas on how to implement it. When we were done she presented us with a plan that we were able to use, and the tools to get things in place.  With her talent and direction we have been able to enhance our customer experience, and our clients have noticed!  If you are looking to add to your customer experience, or enhance what you already have in place, Kelly is the person to help you!”

— Karen Hutchins, Owner of Firefly Wellness Day Spa

Peachy’s Impact Beyond Borders

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