Consumer trends demand small business get smarter and innovate to become ‘next generation’ small businesses.


Emerging intelligence isn’t effectively addressing or reaching mature small businesses.


Most small business engagements revolve around lead generation as opposed to idea generation.

Peachy Purpose

As we transition into a new normal, Peachy’s purpose is amplified by the need for all to re-evaluate their position, perspective, and approach to customer connection.

  • Inspire fresh thinking for small businesses Peachy brings human-centered design, a proven, empathy-based approach to building customer experiences to the small business community. Peachy shares expert perspectives and consumer trends to guide small businesses into the future.
  • Strengthen community with small business at the core. As a 5th generation San Diegan, Kelly Davison, is proud of the unique energy and diverse composition of San Diego’s neighborhoods.  As the cost of living rises in San Diego, our local small businesses are finding it harder to survive. More than ever, we need to open our minds and get creative. Peachy reaches across industries to share fresh ideas from a variety of businesses.
  • Elevate San Diego. Peachy envisions a city – “where it’s great to be a customer!” We imagine a San Diego revived and widely recognized as a region of unbeatable experiences everywhere you go – whether you are a resident or a visitor. The city is elevated to a new status, driving visibility, tourism, and interest from new business owners to make San Diego their home.

Peachy’s Path Forward

Peachy is on a quest to make San Diego a place renowned for excellence in customer experience.

The path forward includes three initiatives:

  1. The sharing of innovative resources, tools, and peer interviews. Peachy shares a human-centered design methodology, real-world ideas and action steps to staying relevant to consumers and employees.
  1. Connecting and highlighting smart small businesses. Peachy brings together a community of forward-thinking, small business owners to share best practices and learn what it takes to provide top-level experiences for their customers. Peachy offers exclusive discounts – driving revenues back to the small business community.
  1. Elevate the visibility of San Diego’s excellence in small business customer experience. Peachy shines the spotlight on the small business experience in new ways. Unprecedented collaborations with organizations and events, such as San Diego Design Week and other fresh channels are all in place to raise awareness about the irreplaceable role of small businesses in our city.

Individual or small business: Love our mission, but not a small business owner? That’s okay! You can still join the movement. Individuals can participate by sharing your favorite small business experiences, speaking out in our Peachy Public interviews and posts, and commenting on our social media or interview segments.

About Peachy

Designed With You In Mind

Peachy is your home for fresh thinking, best practices, and creative networking for your small business. Here, you are among like-minded business owners who are hungry to grow, striving to stay current, and always looking for creative inspiration.  Peachy was built for YOU.

  • Practical ideas and new approaches from progressive-minded business owners
  • Fresh perspective from industry experts
  • Webinars, courses, tools and trend updates, to inspire new ideas.

Always fresh. We’ve put everything online so you can access it anytime. Watch in-depth interviews with local small business owners, access valuable resources, and follow our interactions on social media. By joining our community as a Peachy Business Member, you have access to exclusive deals at a variety of San Diego’s small businesses, a thriving network, and our virtual customer experience Jam Sessions. Your membership drives Peachy’s mission to support small businesses in our local neighborhoods – including yours!

Let’s get fresh together!

About Me

Peachy Powerhouse

Hi! I’m Kelly Davison —

I am a 5th generation San Diegan, doting mother, and major 80s music fan.  I’ve spent years advising large organizations on strategy, customer experience, and how to develop innovative ideas.

Working with local and international companies, as well as contributing to our family’s small business over the years, opened my eyes to the lack of information, outlooks and expertise directed toward mature small businesses. This broke my heart, as I feel they are the essential fabric that makes any place special. Why wasn’t there a better mechanism tailored to them?

Peachy’s mission is to create a thriving environment where small businesses have convenient access to expertise and resources to reach their ultimate potential. My promise is to cultivate a safe, sharing culture – keeping the content relevant and fresh.

Bridging the corporate and small business world, I want to share the invaluable wisdoms small business owners, like you, already live by – even if you don’t see them yourselves. You are more powerful than you know.  My hope is that Peachy becomes a voice for small business owners everywhere and an epicenter for fresh thinking.

You are my celebrities and my passion.

Let’s rock!

Kelly Davison is a San Diego native. She holds a Bachelor degree in Marketing, a Master degree in Global Management and is a certified Master of Human-Centered Design. Kelly’s experience includes facilitating human-centered design public workshops for The Design Academy catering to fortune 500 companies, private workshops including National University System, SDSU and UCSD and Association for Talent Development in San Diego.

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