Consumers demand small businesses stay smart and relevant.


Emerging intelligence isn’t effectively addressing mature small businesses.


Most small business engagements revolve around lead generation as opposed to idea generation.

Peachy’s Purpose

As the Coronavirus and changing market dynamics shift the priorities of our lives and businesses, Peachy’s purpose is amplified by the need for all to re-evaluate their position, perspective, and approach to customer experience. Peachy is on a quest to strengthen the small business community and make San Diego a place renowned for excellence in customer experience.

The path forward includes three initiatives:

Advocating an Empathy-Based Approach to Building Customer Experiences. Peachy’s Customer Experience Refresh Series helps small businesses rethink how they connect to customers using Human-Centered Design methodology and collaborative, creative thinking techniques.

Connecting and highlighting smart small businesses. As the cost of living rises in San Diego, our local small businesses are finding it harder to survive. More than ever, we need to open our minds and get creative. Peachy’s virtual events and in-depth interviews reach across industries to share fresh ideas and uncover best practices from a variety of businesses.

Make San Diego a place “where it is great to be a customer!” We imagine a San Diego revived and widely recognized as a region of unbeatable experiences everywhere you go – whether you are a resident or a visitor – driving visibility, tourism, and interest from new business owners to make San Diego their home. To achieve this, Peachy shines the spotlight on the small business experience in new ways. Unprecedented collaborations with organizations and events, such as San Diego Design Week and other fresh channels are all in place to raise awareness about the irreplaceable role small businesses play in our cities.

About Me

Peachy Powerhouse

Hi! I’m Kelly Davison —

I am a 5th generation San Diegan, doting mother, and major 80’s music fan.  I’ve spent years advising large organizations on strategy, customer experience, and how to develop innovative ideas.

Working with local and international companies, as well as contributing to our family’s small business over the years, opened my eyes to the lack of creative tools directed toward mature small businesses.  I started Peachy to foster creative thinking and progressive evolution for small businesses. We have so much to learn from each other and even more we can learn together.

Kelly Davison holds a Bachelor degree in Marketing, a Master degree in Global Management, and is a certified Master of Human-Centered Design. Kelly’s experience includes facilitating human-centered design public workshops for The Design Academy catering to fortune 500 companies, private workshops including National University System, SDSU and UCSD and the Association for Talent Development (ATD) in San Diego.

Designing Customer Experience

with Small Businesses