Real-World Interviews with Small Business Owners

Sometimes the best way to learn is by listening to others who are doing it. Peachy interviews business owners up close and personal to find out how they proactively evolve and stay competitive.  These are our Peachy-preneurs – focused on relevancy, engagement and responsiveness. Their in-depth interviews share personal stories on their journey and how they continue to move ahead.

Stevie’s Barber Shop

Steve Ortega, Owner, Barber, and Vibe Master at Stevie’s Barber Shop talks about the creative way he brings hair styling to life through connection, art, and good vibrations. We also get to hear from Maya Carbonero, Creative Director on how she mixes merchandise to create a lifestyle brand. 

Ciccia Osteria

Mario Casserini and Francesca Penoncelli, Owners, Chefs and Makers of Moments talk about the success behind their popular restaurant, Ciccia Osteria. Watch and learn from these natural, customer experience pros as they explain how they delight their customers from beginning to end.


Crys Noell, T&T’s Visionary and Your New Reality-Checker touches our hearts with her courage and authenticity to take on personal and professional challenges. Learn from this bold, female in finance, about her approach to staying relevant and differentiating T&T in the industry.

Lonely Floater

Meet soul inspiring, soul-saving, and Peachy’s new soulmates – owner of Lonely Floater, Ryan Wallace and Lovans Florial. Based in San Diego and New York, this dynamic duo charges forward, powered by a strong set of values that celebrate individualism, build community, and share the love.

Elite Smog and Auto

Listen to how Elite Smog and Auto tunes in to customer needs and creates added value to enhance the customer experience. Elite Smog and Auto is located in El Cajon, CA. Experience Elite Smog and Auto for yourself!

Baja Wine Tour

Tony Uribe, Founder of Baja Wine Tour based out of San Diego,CA, gave Peachy the full tour. Watch our wind up interview with him to find out how he makes his customer experience stand out from the rest.

Cafe Moto

Torrey Lee and wife, Kim, own and operate Cafe Moto in Barrio Logan, San Diego, CA. Their thriving business attracts a diverse customer base. Torrey Lee talks to Peachy about what they do to keep business relevant and fresh. Experience Cafe Moto for yourself!

Cutz Vinyl

Dezaray Hernandez, MBA, Mom, and Navy Veteran, shares the juice on what she does to stay relevant to her customers and keep her business fresh. Her Mecca for craft lovers, Cutz Vinyl, is located in El Cajon, CA. How might your business create its own version of her approach?

Grand Artique

Grand Artique is located in Barrio Logan, San Diego, CA. Listen to how owner, Shane Nolan keep his business fresh. How might your business create its own version of his approach? Experience Grand Artique for yourself.

Firefly Wellness Day Spa

Karen Hutchins, owner of Firefly Wellness Day Spa, a wellness oracle in Mission Hills, San Diego talks to Peachy about how she grew her business and what she is doing now to keep her business fresh. Learn how she gets visibility across media channels, enhances her customer experience, and keeps her services relevant. Experience Firefly Wellness Day Spa for yourself.

Local Skate Shop

Mark Johnson grew up skateboarding and has kept his shop authentic and relevant to his evolving customer base. Watch how he is connecting to customers and creating a brand local’ skaters call home. How might your business create its own version of his approach?

Mirus Promotions

Julie Seal-Gaustad, CEO of Mirus Promotions in San Diego, CA, spills on how she has successfully grown her company and strategically plans for the future. Learn from her thinking on staying relevant to employees and customers. How might your business create its own version of her approach?

RL Therapy Group

Ryan Landinguin talks to Peachy about how she keeps her company, RL Therapy Group, on the cutting edge and relevant to her clients. How might your business create its own version of her approach? Experience RL Speech Therapy for yourself.

Absolute Duct and Chimney Cleaning

Joe and Christy Quero run, top rated, Absolute Duct and Chimney Cleaning. They stop to talk to Peachy and share how they have grown a 5-star company by leading with faith and a “people-first” mentality. Experience Absolute Duct and Chimney Cleaning for yourself.

Border X Brewing

David Favela shares how he creates an experience for his customers and employees that extends beyond great beer. Learn how he created a “blue ocean” business that drowns out competition and elevates the ordinary. Experience Border X Brewing in San Diego or Los Angeles for yourself.

Bradley Mountain

Tyler Axtel started his manufacturing business from his garage in Ocean Beach. Today, Bradley Mountain operates with six designers and operates out of a fully equipped facility in East Village, San Diego. Listen to his philosophies, advice and how he builds top quality relationships with his local and global customers. Experience Bradley Mountain for yourself.

Designing Customer Experience

with Small Businesses