Workshop Objectives:

  • Identify “out of the box” ways to effectively capture the voice of the customer.
  • Customize and craft the three key questions your business needs to ask.As Stephen Covey famously said, Seek first to understand, then to be understood”. 

Understanding your customers’ needs and motivations should be a fundamental cornerstone of your business.  In the face of COVID-19 customer attitudes and needs are more fluid than ever before.

This workshop, facilitated by Peachy and Keyhole Research, connects a cross-cut of business owners to discover, share, collaborate on how to creatively approach consumer research as a small business.

In this workshop, we will identify inventive ways to gather useful feedback from your audience and provide guidance on crafting an unbiased set of questions customized for your specific business research.

This is not a PowerPoint presentation. This is a highly interactive workshop for business owners driven to succeed!

BONUS: All participants will receive a free pre-designed survey template from Peachy and Keyhole Research, which can be used to take the pulse of your customers during COVID.