Fresh Perspective from Industry Experts

Watch full-length interviews with our Peachy Pros. Get the big picture and tune in to what is important for small businesses to be thinking about now. Short on time – Get the highlights in our short ‘Fresh Perspective’ interview highlight videos.

San Diego Institute for Economic Development

Veteran economist, Kelly Cunningham gives us insights on San Diego’s economy and it’s impact on small business. Watch and see what fresh perspective you take away!

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting

California Manufacturing Technology Consultant and San Diego BFF, Amanda Cheyney talks about what she sees challenging local manufacturers, neighborhood gentrification, and staying innovative. Watch and see what fresh perspective you takeaway!

East County Chamber CEO

CEO of the San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce, Rick Wilson, talks to Peachy about the challenges businesses have today and what the Chamber is doing to stay relevant to their members. How might your business create its own version of their approach?

Louis Nava/Always Interactive

Peachy Interview with Digital Badass, and Google Specialist, Louis Nava provides insights and advice on digital marketing for small business owners.

Connect All

Learn how local start-ups are approaching business today. Connect All @ The Jacobs Center, Director, Alex Waters, talks about crafting the customer experience, integrating social responsibility, adopting new technologies and other elements their program covers that all businesses might learn from.

North County Economic Development Council

Erik Bruvold helps small businesses in North County, San Diego through his role as CEO of the regions Economic Development Council. Listen to his perspective and tips on how to stay relevant and competitive as a small business owner in today’s challenging environment.

Karie Kaufman/Action Consulting

Action Business Coach, Karie Kaufmann has coached over 500 businesses in San Diego, many of which have won awards of excellence. Karie offers insights to how business can stay relevant, attractive, and think strategically in today’s consumer environment.

Dave Ray/Mind Masters

Dave Ray facilitates business round-tables though his work at Mind Masters in San Diego. Dave talks about the challenges and expectations he sees small business facing today.

Catherine Mattice-Zundel/Civility Partners

Catherine is a prominent anti-bullying advocate working with businesses of all sizes to enhance their employee experience. Listen to her fresh perspective on staying relevant and attracting and retaining employees as a small business in 2020.

Natalie Tafur/Keyhole Research

Learn about top consumer trends impacting small businesses in 2020. Natalia Tafur, Keyhole research Founder and Chief Researcher provides shares the top five trends you need to know.

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