Videos, Workshops, and Consulting

Highlight your Customer Experience with a Video

What makes your business stand out from others is in its customer experience (CX). Stop selling discounts and options. Consumers are looking for more. Peachy knows how to capture and communicate what makes your business unique. We offer branded videos tailored to your target audience and social media platforms, highlighting what makes your business special. Contact us for a quote!

In-person Jam Sessions (Workshop)

Peachy offers a fresh way of thinking about your business. Join our Customer Experience Virtual Jam Sessions designed to shift your perspective, activate creative thinking, and empower you and your team.

Peachy Powerhouse, Kelly Davison, walks through Peachy’s Customer Experience Refresh Series step-by-step. Peachy’s approach is derived from a methodology called Human-centered Design. The virtual jam sessions are kick-starters for set you up for success and offer an opportunity for live Q&A.

Train-up Your Team! Peachy Jam Sessions are an AWESOME team building opportunity. Jam Sessions are interactive, inclusive, and encourage collaborative brainstorming. Consider engaging your key staff in our ‘live’ online or in-person sessions.  Getting employee “buy-in” to new ideas during the creative process may lead to better morale and engagement. If you are a solo-prenuer, sharing the jam session experience with clients or friends will bring a fresh perspective and insights.

Price $500

Jam Sessions are conducted in-person and are broken into two 1 ½ hour sessions with you and members of your team. Light preparatory work is requested.

What’s in it for your business?

  • Understand and evaluate your customer experience.
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities.
  • Develop an actionable list of fresh ideas.


Peachy is happy to work with your small business privately from gathering the Voice of the Customer to implementing new ideas. Start by sending us an email. We will set-up a no obligation 30-minute phone call to discuss where you are now, your vision and how Peachy can help you get there.

What is Human-Centered Design Thinking?

Human-centered Design is an empathy-based approach to building the customer experience.  The methodology encourages inclusivity, collaboration, and creative problem-solving. This popular methodology is a proven design approach used by organizations of all sizes and has been written about by top business journals and international firms such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes and McKinsey & Company.