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Customer Experience Building

Ready to refresh your customer experience? Let us show you how! Peachy’s Jam Sessions will definitely get the juices flowing. Join us online or book an in-person session for your team.

Download our Customer Experience Refresh Series from the Thinking Tools page to see how it’s done.

Jam Sessions

Peachy offers a fresh way of thinking about your business. Join our Customer Experience Jam Sessions designed to shift your perspective, activate creative thinking, and empower you and your team.

Peachy Powerhouse, Kelly Davison, walks you step-by-step through Peachy’s small business friendly, customer expereince building framework. Peachy channels a methodology called ‘Human-Centered Design,’ and takes a similar approach used by major corporations like Apple, Starbucks and Target. Using proprietary framework specifically for small business, together we will develop insights and actionable steps to guide you in developing a truly differentiated customer experience.

  • Use the framework over and over again to keep your business fresh.
  • Get support in Peachy’s networking forum from others and share ”a-ha” moments as you design your new experience.
  • Engage in our live sessions – connect and ask questions.

Train-up Your Team! Muy Importante! Peachy Jam Sessions are an AWESOME team building opportunity. Jam Sessions are interactive, fun and collaborative affairs. Consider engaging your key staff in our ‘live’ online or in-person sessions. The more your team learns together the more empowered they are to deliver on the experience your customers’ desire. If you are a solo-prenuer, sharing the jam session experience with clients or friends can bring you closer and have surprising benefits.

Customer Experience Refresh
LIVE Online Jam Sessions

(INCLUDED with the Peachy Business Membership)

Duration: 1-Week (M-F. 30 min./day @12:00 p.m. PST)
Online Jam Sessions – Begins Monday, June 15, 2020

This course is available to all Peachy Business Members at no additional cost and is entirely online. Sessions are recorded live, with recordings available for those days you just can’t make it. The course is appropriate for any business type including B2B, B2C, brick and mortar or digital platforms. The only condition is that you come with a ‘Peachy’ mindset – open, inclusive, and positive!

In our live sessions, you will interact directly with Peachy Powerhouse Kelly Davison, facilitator, along with other fellow Peachy Business Members – a great way to connect to other fresh-minded businesses!

You will be able to immediately apply what you learn to your business. At the end of the course, you will have developed greater insights about your customers and aligned your staff with a clear plan of action.

Everything is tailored to you!

The 30-minute Jam Sessions include exercises to:

  • Evaluate and understand customer experience
  • Prioritize opportunities to enhance your customer experience.
  • Develop a tangible, and actionable list of fresh ideas

Live Meeting Schedule
(Recordings will be posted within 24 hours after the live session. You may access them anytime.)

  • Begins on June 15, 2020 and ends on June 26, 2020

 30-Minute Live Zoom Jam Sessions, hosted Monday through Friday for 1 week at 12:00 PST.

Customer Experience Refresh
In-person Jam Session

Cost is not included in Peachy membership fees.
Peachy’s Free and Business Members are invited to sign-up.
(Currently Offered exclusively to businesses located in San Diego County.)

Price $500 Business Member Price/$550 Free Member Price

Jam Sessions are conducted in-person and are broken into two 1 ½ hour sessions with you and members of your team. Light preparatory work is requested.

What’s in it for your business?

  • Understand and evaluate your customer experience.
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities.
  • Develop an actionable list of fresh ideas.

What is Human-Centered Design Thinking?

Human-Centered Design Thinking (HCDT) is a mouthful.  But it’s actually simple-an approach to offering products /services that always considers the customer first.  The foundation of the HCDT mindset is empathy.  Using a more empathic lens, we can better understand our customers motivations and behaviors. The approach spurs new thinking, creative conversations and innovative solutions that solve real problems. This popular methodology has been written about in journal like Harvard Business Review, Forbes and McKinsey & Company.

Peachy has adapted and refined the methodology to fit the perspective, model and capacity of small businesses. Finally, it’s here for you!

Designing Customer Experience

with Small Businesses