Peachy is on a quest to make San Diego a place, “where it’s great to be a customer!”

Peachy’s path forward includes three initiatives:

  • Advocating an Empathy-Based Approach to Building Customer Experiences

    Peachy’s accessible resources and workshops helps businesses rethink how they connect to customers using and empathy-based approach to building next generation customer experiences.

  • Inspiring cross-industry collaboration

    More than ever, businesses need to open their minds and get creative. Peachy’s virtual public events and in-depth interviews reach across industries to share fresh ideas and uncover best practices from a variety of businesses.

  • Elevate the visibility of San Diego’s excellence in customer experience

    Peachy envisions a city – “where it’s great to be a customer!” We imagine a San Diego revived and widely recognized as a region of unbeatable experiences everywhere you go – whether you are a resident or a visitor – driving visibility, tourism, and interest from new business owners to make San Diego their home. To achieve this, Peachy shines the spotlight on the small business experience in new ways. Unprecedented collaborations with organizations and events, such as San Diego Design Week and other fresh channels highlight forward thinking businesses.

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