What Does It Mean to be Authentic in Business? – by Kelly Davison
OK – we hear this word a lot – authenticity – but what does that mean for a business?  
Consumers judge a business’s authenticity by comparing the claims it makes business makes relative to what it delivers.
If you are unsure what how others perceive your business, try answering these questions: 
Do you have a clear business mission statement that is easily accessible?
Do your products and/or your services clearly align with your business values?
Is the perception of your business online consistent with what your customers actually experience?
Does your audience know how to find out more about the people behind the business?
How well does your employee experience reflect your company values? 
Are you transparent about what your company is willing to support and take action on?
The easier it is for consumers to answer these questions about your business, the better they can make the judgement call. It is up to you to make sure that the answers to these questions support what you claim to be as a business and are promoted to the public.